Booking Terms


*Cardholder & ID/Passport must be presented on request. 

*Credit card used for the online payment must be presented on request.
Any bookings made between one (1) and seven (7) days prior to service requires full payment.     Reservations are only confirmed once a deposit of 50 or 100% is allocated to the booking(s).
Should the deposit/prepayment not be received within the time frame specified,  reserves the right to cancel the reservation and apply our cancellation terms.
We regret no billback accounts/credit facilities available.
Please note that all cancellations are only effective once confirmed in writing.
Guests making booking arrangements must have their own personal or business travel insurance to support any cancellation or curtailment of their booking. 
If the accommodation is not taken up,  will have the right to deem the amounts due in lieu of the cancellation penalties and, in addition, have the right to release reservations where deposit and/or payment is not made on the due date.
In certain instances, UMTHIBA BUSH LODGE reserves the right to increase the amount of prepayment required and the period relating to deposit due dates.
• No Shows: 100% of the full amount payable
• Cancellations within 0 – 7 days of date of arrival: 100% payable

• Cancellations within 8 – 21 days of date of arrival: 50% of full amount payable
• Cancellations within 22 – 30 days of date of arrival: 30% of full amount payable
• No refunds for late check-in/arrival or early check-out
• No refunds for services not used

• Please note that all refunds are subject to commission and/or bank charges
Travel insurance: General, Covid-19, extenuating circumstances:
UMTHIBA BUSH LODGE has been extremely accommodating during the past 24 months in as far as extenuating circumstances and Covid-19 cancellations and refunds are concerned. Guests are advised that after the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization, the extenuating circumstances no longer apply, COVID-19 and its consequences are no longer unforeseen or unexpected. Carefully review our cancellation policy when booking and consider taking out comprehensive travel insurance including cover for any COVID-19 related circumstances.
Arrivals after 6.00 p.m. will be shown to the Umthiba Bush Lodge Unit by the guard/porter who will be expecting you.  Please note that additional guests not booked WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ACCESS INTO KULENI PARK.